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ALEXANDER YORK is TWENTY and is from LONDON, ENGLAND. He is going on the road trip to pursue his goal to earn fame and fortune without his father's help and gets told often that they look an awful lot like DANIEL SHARMAN. Fortunately, Alexander is OPEN.

I came in like a wrecking ball, never hit so hard in love.


Alexander York, son of Phil York. Phil is known to be one of the most famous business men in the United Kingdom which led to Alexander being also known. He was always spoiled as a child and Alexander didn’t mind that at all. Alexander’s mother was an American designer that left Phil after going through a rough divorce. Alexander doesn’t mind, although it may be a little hard for him to balance a life in America and in England. The time differences wasn’t the only problem— Alexander was forced to spend a semester in the US and another in the UK. His father never agreed to that, neither did his mother. They both wanted Alexander for themselves. Her mother for emotional reasons as for his father; he wanted Alexander for business. The power of money took over Phil York’s emotions and now all he cared about was money. Alexander didn’t know that nor did he want to disappoint both his parents so he stuck with the entire idea of moving each semester. It was hard for Alexander to make friends, considering he was rarely there and he was very young. 

Alexander’s life in London was almost perfect— he was only twelve but he seemed to have all the attention. He knew most of them wanted him for his money but who was Alexander to judge? He was the sweetest kid there is and he accepted anyone who wanted to befriend him but things were different when Alexander was in America. He was mostly bullied for being from the UK. He was the kid only little liked and that definitely affected him. 

When Alexander turned fourteen, he was looking for his father when he over heard him complaining about how Alexander was turning out. He also said that he was starting to ruin his plans for all the money and that’s when Alexander had it— he moved to the US, full time. His father didn’t know what do but Alexander didn’t care. He was happy he finally managed to stay in one place and make friends. This time; Alexander went to a school where everyone seemed to be all over him. He was fifteen, cute, and had an adorable British accent. The girls were all over him and the boys wanted to hang out with him but Alexander didn’t care about the popularity; he had one girl on his mind and that was Melanie Pierce. Melanie was the girl that Alexander grew close to; he also had some hidden feelings towards the girl but he never had the guts to admit it to her.  

Two years later, Alexander was looking at a magazine when he saw a picture of his father. The magazine said that his father adopted a son and that made Alexander furious. He was almost eighteen and that’s when his attitude changed. The rage made him arrogant and selfish which Alexander only put on to hide the hurt he felt. How could his father replace him so easily?

Melanie went to ECU while Alexander traveled the world. He kept in contact with the girl but he couldn’t see her which Alexander obviously didn’t approve of of but nor did he want to go to ECU so he simply traveled the world. He soon met Marvella Grandet who he managed to grow close to.

When Alexander heard of this trip and that Melanie was joining in, he knew he had to go along with her. How could he pass up an opportunity to see his best friend? 


Take a glance at Alexander and you will assume he’s very cocky and self-centered which is what he shows the world but once you show him you want to put effort into your friendship. Alexander will show a side he shows to people he can genuinely trust and that side is the sweet and kind one. He will do anything for the people he loves and it shows how genuine a person can be. You would never regret meeting Alexander.


"Oh man, will anyone see this or is it just me? I have to say this is for my mum. So, mum. I know you never approved of my life style considering I never stayed in one place but I couldn’t. Father may have been bad but I will not put my life on hold for his sake. I will show him I can be who I am without his help. I truly apologize for jumping into this trip without telling you until later but I also am here for another purpose. You may find it silly but I am here for Melanie. So, I will be safe now that she’s on board too. I suggest you to not worry and wish me luck.

- Alex.”


  • MELANIE is Alexander’s best friend and the one girl he’s ever loved. She is the only reason he is on board with this trip. She’s always been there for him and he couldn’t thank her enough. Although the girl doesn’t know how Alexander feels about her; he only hopes she feels the same.
  • LYDIA is Alexander’s friend. He met Lydia back in New York when he came to visit Melanie and he somehow grew close to the redhead. He can trust her now and he cherishes that.
  • MARVELLA is also Alexander’s friend that he met back in Paris. He finds her innocence insanely adorable and she’s somehow like an older sister to him.
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